The TRU Community Trust (TRUCT or the Trust) is modeled after other highly successful university property trusts such as those at Simon Fraser University, the University of British Columbia, and others across the country. The Trust was created by TRU in 2011 to implement the Campus Master Plan by developing 90 acres of campus land that were deemed excess to future academic needs. The Trust sells development rights through 99-year ground leases. Developers then build and market individual properties at The Reach Neighbourhood, including a mix of residential, commercial, and hospitality units. The financial benefits of this land development directly and exclusively support TRU in its pursuit of academic research, and TRU students through bursaries and scholarships.

TRU and the TRU Foundation are the only named beneficiaries of the Trust. The Trust is solely responsible for its own liabilities. The Trust is managed by the Thompson Rivers University Community Corporation (TRUCC), whose purpose is to operate as the sole trustee of the Trust. TRU holds 100% of the shares of TRUCC.